Simply better taquitos

As a trucker or RVer, you may only have a microwave oven or you're starving after a long day at the wheel and don't want to wait for the toaster oven.

Here's a tip to make great taquitos fast and relieve the road munchies!

1. roll the taquitos in a paper towel

2. microwave for half the recommended cooking time, e.g., one minute if two minutes total

3*. flip the taquitos over

4. cook the taquitos for a quarter of the total time, e.g., 30 seconds if two minutes total

5*. wrap the taquitos in a new paper towel

6. cook the taquitos for the remaining time, e.g., the final 30 seconds

7. enjoy -- dip in mustard, ranch, hot sauce or your favorite dip!

* denotes the secret steps that make the taquitos more like from the oven


a. adjust as needed if making more than two or three taquitos

b. if making two to five taquitos, rotate the inner ones to the outside during step #5, similar to stirring halfway through

c. ymmv if cooking 5+ taquitos; we highly recommend making small batches and sharing taquitos as cooked

d. these directions are also good for hotel travelers if you've bought a frozen burrito from the front desk or room fridge

e. we recommend wrapping the taquitos using paper towels to simplify cleanup, however, thin cloth towels also work